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Software Development

Your business is ready to go. You are about to take off. Is your software ready, too? Finding highly qualified developers is not easy these days. That is why L-One Systems offers you reinforcement by our development team. So your software fits your plan and you can quickly go to market.

Your software project runs the risk of standing still? Your backend completed, you are waiting for the frontend expert? We accelerate your development. The control remains in your hands.

You simply concentrate on your core competencies and run your business – we boost your software development.

How you benefit from teaming up:

Organisation by L-One Systems

Take advantage of proven organisational structures and agile processes.

Knowledge Increase

Profit from connecting with a plus of digital knowhow in your inhouse team.

Scale your digital Output

Accelerate development and enable yourself to go to market faster.

Trust and Commitment

Build long-term relationships on eye level. Rely on the commitment of a dedicated remote team.

Save Costs, control your Budget

Digitization with a remote team combines a favourable price with high quality. It keeps fixed costs under control.

Expect no less than First Class Software

    • Regular trainings assure that L-One Systems’ developers remain in the loop of current digital trends.  
    • Agility, quality management, new processes as well as systems and tools are important enable the infrastructure of collaboration. 
    • Connected developers of the teams profit from shared know-how.

For us it is not the working hour that counts, but the result.

What is your your idea? We have already enabled
digital innovation in these fields:


Development of SaaS precision farming solution. Backend development for an agricultural digital advise service.
Software Development Partner → Front End, Back End, Database, Mobile, iOS, Xamarin


Setting up and developing an innovative AI system to automate the reporting about clinical studies.

Strategic Innovation Partner
→ Natural Language Processing, Python, AI/Expert Systems, Machine Learning


Invoicing and book-keeping for freelancers. Automatic receipt collection and digitalization.

Software Development Partner
→ Cloud Computing, PHP, RESTful API, Java, Kotlin


Developing an open CAD-based robot path planning and simulation platform on top of the existing robotics kernel.

Software Development Partner
→ Human-robot interface (HRI), CAD, OOP structure, OpenGL library, OCCT


SaaS for creating digital learning content. Interface for acilitated access to digital content and communication.

Software Development Partner
→ PHP, Node.js, ASP.Net, Java EE, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, JavaScript frameworks



How smart software development works today?

Software systems are never finished. The valuable thing about software is not the source code as such, but the development process behind it. 

Developing software as efficient as possible and at the same time assuring the quality standards required is in the interest of every company. 

How can companies meet this challenge?

L-One Founder and CEO, Lionel Born, and Head of Software Development, Feras Tanan, answer questions around how to ensure a fast and high quality software development that aligns with todays rapidly changing world of technology. 

Connecting external software developers with inhouse teams for efficient software development

Press buttons right to start video and for sound (1:59 min).

More success stories

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