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Digitalization is Part of our DNA

As is connecting different worlds.

We sell modern and efficient processes for the digitalization of our customers. Founded with the goal to provide each customer with exactly the software developments they need, L-One Systems connects gardeners with cloud computing, medical writers with Natural Language processing and remote teams with in-house development.

Tailor-made Solutions 

We have shown creativity and courage to go new ways for reaching new levels of automation and digitization. Every customer should get the digital solution that perfectly fits them. And that exceeds their expectations.

That is our mission.

Firm cooperation

We team up with our customers.

What makes L-One unique?

    • speed in processes and decisions
    • hiring standout talents for our multidisciplinary team
    • offering great value for money

We combine technical expertise with industry knowledge, our professionalism with agility and high quality with a good  price making us a trusted and long-term partner.

That is how we cooperate.

Our Team

Respect, commitment, ambition and joy in learning determine the core values of L-One Systems.

Working with us means being part of a productive community. We count results, not working hours.

Sponsored access to learning platforms and to a company fitness program with joint fitness sessions plus company coach belong to our offer as well as closely connecting our team of valued experts of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds.


We constantly look for qualified and motivated people to augment our team. Do you want to become part of the L-One staff?

We look for commitment, character and skills. We hire the best.

About L-One

L-One Systems, founded in 2010 by Lionel Born, created Shaufel, the first SaaS solution for the German gardening industry. Initial funding from cesah, the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Center in Darmstadt, Germany, enabled L-One Systems’ growth. In 2020 Shaufel got acquired by the market leader.

L-One offers affordable software development services managed from Darmstadt.

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