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Value Engineering

Detailed planning, analysis, and estimation can create large amounts of data with very little value, costing precious time in the process. By prioritizing value considerations above traditional cost, schedule, and project planning, it is possible to influence the value of the outcome.

Integrating Value Considerations

It is crucial to consider the process of reducing the cost of manufacturing a product, as this helps avoid long product development cycles and poor investment decisions. Quality and effectiveness remain a priority.

Making the Implicit Explicit​

Unlike in industrial manufacturing, where processes visibly interlock, in digital manufacturing processes are not as easily observable. 

Value Engineering maps the path for digital ideas: the method employs a combination of agile software development, quality management, infrastructure and economic efficiency into one lean principle. 

Efficiency is anchored in the development process and makes economic success measurable. Feedback processes and short product development cycles enable well-founded investment decisions for digital manufacturing.

Staying ahead of the Game

Software needs to be created using the most proven and best practices; it is essential to be informed of the latest technological advances.

Our clients demand that we are at the forefront of technical development, therefore, our employees spend 10% of their working time on learning new skills.

This is useful when it comes to assessing trends and finding solutions that serve our clients’ success.

Considering the Added Value

Goal Setting

Early customer involvement and participation in value creation, regular feedback.

Value Analysis

Enabling agile project management with fast and controlled feedback loops to create a successful cycle of innovation.


Creation of a clear, common understanding for process optimization that never loses sight of the customer.


Investing in structured project planning to gain maximum insight. Ensure that the project runs efficiently.

Value Metrics

Evaluation of opportunities in a flexible project environment through value analysis and defined value metrics.

Code Business

Innovation means stepping into the unknown. Data is the oil of the 21st century. The inventive spirit of German and European engineering needs to be connected to the world of digital technologies and business models now.

Digitalization Creates Value

Expanding or improving one’s own range of products or reducing manufacturing costs means stepping into a digital opportunity and risk at the same time.
Partnering with a software service provider who reliably accompanies a project is an instant advantage in this situation.

Engineering Individualized Values

Value engineering isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, each client has that special element that helps them achieve their goals:
    • Control​
    • Terminability​
    • Price​
    • Longevity​
    • Availability​
    • Legal safety​
    • Technical security​
Find out what your individual requirements are before you start the project. Dabei unterstützen wir Sie gerne …

Our Experts:

Tanan »

Head of Software Development, with L-One Systems since 2016. He extracts development tasks from software goals and economic challenges. As an experienced system architect and NLP expert, Feras supervises both projects and teams and ensures well-structured and precise development processes.

« Sarah

Head of NLP, with L-One Systems since 2017. As a proven expert, she mediates between customer wishes and technical feasibility. With her team, Sarah combines algorithms from statistics and analysis and shapes raw data into clear statements. During her studies in linguistics and literature, Sarah discovered her passion for annotation guidelines.

Lionel »

CEO, founded L-One Systems in 2010. As a digital pioneer, Lionel is passionate about realising digital innovation. Value engineering is at the core of his vision. He combines knowledge of software development with knowledge of the business environment and has the know-how to dive deep into the domain of our project partners. Lionel believes that precision in software development is the key competitive advantage and consistently empowers his team to go the extra mile to ensure project success.

How we implement value engineering

Your digital goal is set? Not sure how to traverse the unknown terrain ahead? Let us in on it. We would like to hear what you have in mind and find a suitable route. Benefit from more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing digital projects.

Let’s discuss the path to your individual goal.

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