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Our Team

What makes us stand out?

Our unique mix of talent, expertise and background.

More than 30 specialists at two locations have proven to solve a wide range of programming challenges. 

We have formed a powerful force to make each of our customer’s projects a success for more than 10 years. 

Get to know us:

Lionel Born
Founder & CEO

Our coach at the sideline.
Goes on holiday by bike.

Sarah Holschneider
Head of NLP
Finds the optimal NLP approach.
Teaches Jazz Dance on Wednesdays.

Feras Tanan
Head of Software Development
Connects Damascus with Darmstadt.
Fav food:  Manakish with fresh mint!

Melanie Berger
Linguistic Data Scientist
Detects data errors by eye.
Howled with wolves.

Max Messerschmitt
Working Student Controlling
Lives open, honest communication.
Motto: Love the ride!

Valerie Dietsche
Customer Relationship Manager
Ensures customer satisfaction.
Dressed Emma Watson.

Jasmin Trudel
Brand Manager
Weaves the brand coat.
Lived in the Louvre.

Sabine Gruppe
Marketing & PR Manager
Tells L-One’s stories.
Discovered a bacteria species.

Katya Bechtold
Management Assistant

Structures everyday life and numbers. Travelled Spain by paraglider.

Dana Bieck
Customer Success Manager
Develops our clients’ bliss.
Increases her knowledge by sharing her skills.

Anne Burger
Linguistic Data Scientist
Keeps the corpora overview.
Climbs mountains of books.

Malaz Mursi
Offshore Assistant
Team soul onshore and offshore.
Connects child, computer and culture.

How we develop projects

The carefully built talent pool allows us to move digitalization projects forward quickly and affordably.

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