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Our Services – Your Growth

We want to make our customers’ everyday work faster and more efficient by transforming business challenges into digital opportunities.

Process Automation
Our goal is to automate and digitalize recurring processes in companies through individual software solutions.

Software solutions
We want to offer every of our customers the perfect solution for their requirements.

We do not offer off-the-shelf software solutions.

We determine your very individual needs.

Profit of our individual Consulting Service

Selling just any technology is not us. We transform your individual business needs into your digital opportunities.

Our experts will work with you to analyse which processes in your company can be digitalized and automated with the most suitable software solution.


We determine your individual requirements and offer you everything from one source.

Analysis of Needs

Which problems are to be solved?


How can we solve them together?


Programming and Implementation


Support and Maintenance

Arrange a free consultation call now!

We are looking forward to your consultation call request and will contact you soon. 


Finding skilled IT-developers is becoming rapidly more difficult. At the same time software development cycles accelerate. Our highly qualified offshore team in Damascus supports an extensive range of software applications.     

NLP – Natural Language Processing Services

NLP enables software systems to understand written and spoken texts and to perform specific tasks automatically. It combines two worlds: The world of programming and AI, as well as the world of natural languages. 

Interactive Diagnostic Sheet


Speak to our Experts

Olaf Bertko
Business Development

Sarah Holschneider
Head of Natural Language Processing

Feras Tanan
Head of Outstaffing

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