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Is your software development preventing you from taking off?

We help start-ups and young companies realise their digital business ideas.

»Efficient software production avoids long product development cycles and poor investment decisions.
« — Lionel Born, CEO L-One Systems

Scaling needs additional development energy. L-One takes responsibility for individual modules or the whole package. Our remote team augments in-house development and assures the delivery of world-class quality and affordable software and on time.

Let’s find out how we can work together.

How you benefit:

Work Culture

We support you in achieving your goals quickly. Our team adapts your processes.

In the long Run

Long-term cooperations with the remote developers from the L-One Team pay off.

Costs under Control

Digitalization with a remote team brings a favourable price to high quality.

Contact us now and take the first step towards your new way of software development!

What do you want to develop? When do you want to start? The more detailed the better. This allows us to assess whether and how exactly we can help you in our Discovery Call. Fill in the form and describe your project to get started.

Please note: In order to support you in the most appropriate way, we can only accept a small number of new projects at a time, as we work very intensively with our clients.

Next Steps 

Step 1
Enter your data into the form. Please fill in your telephone number and we can call you for setting up a Discovery Call appointment.

Step 2
We will meet in our Discovery Call. There, we will jointly analyze how we can develop your individual software solution.

Step 3
After that, we can both decide if we want to team up.

What is your your idea? We have already enabled
digital innovation in these fields:


Development of SaaS precision farming solution. Backend development for an agricultural digital advise service.
Software Development Partner → Front End, Back End, Database, Mobile, iOS, Xamarin


Setting up and developing an innovative AI system to automate the reporting about clinical studies.

Strategic Innovation Partner
→ Natural Language Processing, Python, AI/Expert Systems, Machine Learning


Invoicing and book-keeping for freelancers. Automatic receipt collection and digitalization.

Software Development Partner
→ Cloud Computing, PHP, RESTful API, Java, Kotlin


Developing an open CAD-based robot path planning and simulation platform on top of the existing robotics kernel.

Software Development Partner
→ Human-robot interface (HRI), CAD, OOP structure, OpenGL library, OCCT


SaaS for creating digital learning content. Interface for acilitated access to digital content and communication.

Software Development Partner
→ PHP, Node.js, ASP.Net, Java EE, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, JavaScript frameworks



Are you looking for a development or innovation partner?

→ We accelerate your project. Get in touch now.

Our Experts:

Tanan » » »

Head of Software Development, with L-One Systems since 2016. He extracts development tasks from software goals and economic challenges. As an experienced system architect and NLP expert, Feras supervises both projects and teams and ensures well-structured and precise development processes.
Feras holds a Master degree in Distributed Software Systems and graduated from the Department of Software Engineering and Information Systems of Damascus University as first of the course.

Hohlschneider « « «

Head of NLP, with L-One Systems since 2017. As a proven expert, she mediates between customer wishes and technical feasibility. With her team, Sarah combines algorithms from statistics and analysis and shapes raw data into clear statements. During her studies in linguistics and literature, Sarah discovered her passion for annotation guidelines.

Born » » »

CEO, founded L-One Systems in 2010. As a digital pioneer, Lionel is passionate about realising digital innovation. Value engineering is at the core of his vision. He combines knowledge of software development with knowledge of the business environment and has the know-how to dive deep into the domain of our project partners. Lionel believes that precision in software development is the key competitive advantage and consistently empowers his team to go the extra mile to ensure project success.

Technical Consulting

Technical consulting for us is primarily a solution-oriented approach. The concept of co-creation is an essential key to accelerate agile, effective responses to the emerging challenges and opportunities of today’s economy.

You are the expert of your core-business and we come into your project as the digital innovation experts.

We take a pro-active approach to your problem as we dive deep into the domains of each of our customers.

Find out why you should work with us:

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