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Darmstadt Startup & Innovation Day

Only this time completely virtually. The 360 ​​° platform that has been created offers you the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with founders, companies, and other visitors directly via personal video calls and chats and thus gain valuable impressions and contacts from the startup ecosystem.
Is it important to be one of the attendees at the Darmstadt Startup & Innovation Day?

Well, If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity! the Darmstadt Startup & Innovation day is going into its 5th round, and this time the event will be completely digital. In other words, you can experience it very comfortably from home via a 360 ° platform!
The event will be on June 10, where you can get a comprehensive insight into the start-up scene in the Rhine-Main area. Business, politics, and science meet and show the development opportunities for a lively startup scene in the region.

Our CEO Lionel Born will be one of the top speakers there!

The entrepreneur and partner for digital innovation Lionel Born is one of the most experienced and successful founders of TU Darmstadt. After studying business informatics, he founded start-ups and initiatives with the support of the HIGHEST team (formerly UniTech-Spin). Last summer he completed a highly regarded exit with the Shaufel SaaS solution. Founder and CEO of L-One Systems since 2010, he takes on software development for startups and is a reliable partner in the growth phase of young companies. In the meantime, with Solorrow, Agribora, and Lylu, winners and finalists of the Hessian founder award are among the customers of L-One.

Get an insight into the diverse founding experiences of a young entrepreneur and role model from the direct environment of the TU Darmstadt, into his experiences with partner networks and several own, successful start-ups.

Visit our booth to know more about L-One Systems and what we offer as a software solution partner.
Further information and registration can be found here:

Further information
• Why work with us: Our Services
• The team: Take a look at us
• Contact: Let’s discuss your upcoming IT project.

Video L-One Systems Interview with Lionel Born & Feras Tanan
Connecting external software developers for efficient software development – Video (1:59 min.).

Let’s take off

We are looking for new project partners. Not many but those who fit best with us. Let’s find out whether your project matches the way we team up. 

Find out about how we work and tell us, how we can accelerate your software development … 

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