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Case Study: Mobile App for Precision Farming

For the start-up Solorrow, L-One Systems is developing a solution for farmers. Field potentials can be determined and optimized via app. The intuitive tool allows an easy entry into precision farming. The Client having no internal developers has special requirements for communication.

Field Cultivation for Tomorrow

L-One’s offshore team has been supporting the start-up Solorrow from the very beginning with the development of the precision farming app Solorrow. Both the front-end (app side) and the back-end are developed. By satellite, stretches of farmland are recorded, characteristic values get analysed and documented. The Solorrow app enables farmers to manage their fields by means of differentiated field potential maps. Afterwards, the optimal use of seeds and fertilizers can be calculated. Zones that have lower growth potential can be identified, as can zones with higher average biomass growths.

Combine harvester in the field
The Solorrow app controls the automatic recognition of field boundaries as well as the determination of individual field potentials

What the L-One team has developed
The Solorrow app can be downloaded as a SaaS application for tablets or smartphones. It requires no additional software to get started and enables farmers to start precision farming quickly and easily.

Responsible for the software development from the very beginning, the L-One team and the Solorrow team set up an agile, innovative form of project cooperation that, despite the physical distance, works till today transparent, flexible and creative.

»Some items appear “lost in translation”. If this happens, the developers in the offshore team make complicated issues understandable even for non-developers.«

Laura Stephan, product manager, Solorrow GmbH

There is no employee with an IT background in Solorrow’s operational team.

Laura Stephan regrets that people do not get to know each other personally: “It is a great pity for me. I attach great importance to a good interpersonal basis. However, this is compensated for by regular calls that are not exclusively about business but also focus on intercultural content. This helps me to better understand the background and working methods”.

The Solorrow team at a trade fair presentation for the precision farming app

The cooperation with the L-One teams in Darmstadt and in Damascus

The collaboration is mainly organized through Trello and run as a Scrum procedure with weekly sprints. The communication in the daily collaboration is conducted through Slack. In addition, there are weekly jour fixe appointments for discussion and sprint planning.

The process is very structured, but ad hoc requests are also possible, quickly answered and if agreed upon, short-term decisions can be implemented. The developers of L-One are reliable, professional. They act independently and largely proactive.

The Solorrow drive mode allows subarea-specific field processing using the app’s map on the tablet

»The cooperation with L-One in developing of the Solorrow App is professional and agile. Despite the physical distance, I know our software is always in safe hands.«

Laura Stephan, product manager, Solorrow GmbH

Results, plans for the future
In November 2019, the Solorrow team won the Hessian Founders’ Prize. The jury was convinced by the app’s uncomplicated functionality, allowing farmers to analyse the yield potential of their fields with just a few clicks. Solorrow plans to develop an additional web interface for the app, again partnering with L-One’s offshore team.

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